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Board of Education and Culture in Switzerland

The Academy is allowed to operate and issue diplomas according to the Board of Education and Culture in our State (Canton) in Switzerland.

The official communication received from the Board of Education and Culture in our State (Canton) in Switzerland, referencing number 'August2016Kom,' serves as a confirmation of our legal allowance to operate and confer diplomas. This confirmation underscores our compliance with the regulatory framework established by the Canton, affirming our institution's legitimacy.

The receipt of such official communication carries significant weight, providing assurance to Students and the public regarding the legality of our Academy.

As a duly allowed institution by the Board of Education and Culture in our State (Canton) in Switzerland, we remain steadfast in our dedication to providing quality education while operating within the parameters set forth by the Swiss Law.

Please be informed that we are unable to publish any Swiss-related confirmations online due to data protection regulations mandated by Swiss law. These confirmations typically contain logos of organizations, whether state or private, and these logos are protected trademarks that cannot be published without authorization. Additionally, most confirmations come with one or two signatures, further restricting our ability to provide them for public viewing.

However, students who wish to verify this information are encouraged to visit our office, where they can review the document in person. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding of our commitment to data protection compliance.

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Freilagerstrasse 39, 8047 Zurich, Switzerland

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