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1 year program


Welcome to our online academy based in Switzerland, providing educational opportunities since 2013. At our academy, we offer a diverse range of diploma programs across various fields to cater to the educational needs and career aspirations of our students. With a commitment to excellence in online education, we strive to empower individuals worldwide with accessible and high-quality diploma programs that foster personal and professional growth. Whether you're looking to advance your career, acquire new skills, or pursue your passion, our diploma programs are designed to help you achieve your goals effectively and conveniently. Join us on a journey of learning and discovery as we pave the way for your success in today's dynamic world.


  1. Diploma in Business Administration

  2. Diploma in Management Studies

  3. Diploma in Marketing Management

  4. Diploma in Tourism Management

  5. Diploma in Hospitality Management

  6. Diploma in Business Law

  7. Diploma in International Business

  8. Diploma in Financial Management

  9. Diploma in Human Resource Management

  10. Diploma in Strategic Management

  11. Diploma in Retail Management

  12. Diploma in Event Management

  13. Diploma in Sales and Marketing

  14. Diploma in Supply Chain Management

  15. Diploma in Corporate Communication

  16. Diploma in Hotel Operations

  17. Diploma in Small Business Management

  18. Diploma in E-Business

  19. Diploma in Project Management

  20. Diploma in Public Relations

  21. Diploma in Entrepreneurship

  22. Diploma in Risk Management

  23. Diploma in Organizational Leadership

  24. Diploma in Business Analytics

  25. Diploma in Customer Relationship Management

  26. Diploma in Financial Planning

  27. Diploma in Operations Management

  28. Diploma in Brand Management

  29. Diploma in Corporate Finance

  30. Diploma in Business Ethics

  31. Diploma in International Trade

  32. Diploma in Market Research

  33. Diploma in Corporate Governance

  34. Diploma in Sustainable Business

  35. Diploma in Negotiation Skills

  36. Diploma in Business Innovation

These diplomas cover a wide range of topics within the business field, providing students with specialized knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen career paths.

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