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Thesis Writing


  • The Academy Master Thesis Standard

  • How to Write a Thesis - The Full Handbook

  • Writing a Thesis at the Academy in Switzerland based on Harvard style

  • Thesis Rules and Procedures

The Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational experience that equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen fields. Our institution takes pride in fostering academic excellence and preparing our students to become valuable contributors to society.

Thesis writing is an integral part of our academic programs, designed to challenge students and promote critical thinking, research skills, and effective communication. As part of our commitment to academic excellence, we have established specific guidelines and requirements for thesis writing at the Academy.

Here are some key points regarding thesis writing at the Academy:

  1. Timeframe:

    • Students have the flexibility to complete their thesis within a timeframe ranging from 4 months to 6 years, with an average completion time of 6-12 months for Bachelor/Master students and at least 2 years for Doctorate students.

  2. Thesis Requirements:

    • Our institution upholds strict standards for thesis quality, expecting thorough research and high-quality writing from our students.

    • While Bachelor students are not required to complete a thesis for graduation, we highly recommend undertaking one to enrich the academic experience.

    • Students are encouraged to choose their own thesis topics, with guidance available from lecturers and supervisors.

  3. Defense:

    • Students have the option to defend their thesis either in Switzerland (recommended) or online via webinar.

    • A committee consisting of 2-5 members, either from the Academy team or external members, will evaluate the thesis defense.

    • Marks for the defense range from 0-100%, with an average score of more than 40% required to pass.

  4. Fees:

    • Defense fees vary depending on the format, with on-campus defense costing 1900 Euro and online defense requiring a fee of 390 Euro for most students.

    • Appeals and resubmissions are subject to additional fees, with rates varying based on the level of study (Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate).

  5. Submission and Appeals:

    • After submission, students have 10 days to appeal their results if they are not satisfied.

    • Students are permitted up to three submissions in case of failure, with applicable fees for each resubmission.

  6. Printing Services:

    • Printing services are available at the Academy, with a fee of 75 Euro for each 5000 words.

We are committed to supporting our students throughout the thesis writing process, offering guidance, resources, and assistance at every stage. Our goal is to ensure that each student achieves academic success and reaches their full potential.

Thank you for choosing the Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland for your educational journey. We look forward to supporting you in your academic endeavors!

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