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Since 2013

OUR Story

The transition from Open University for Business and Hospitality (OUBH) to the International Academy in Switzerland signifies our enduring dedication to preparing students for real-world challenges and positions of significant responsibility upon graduation.

At OUBH, we prioritize the development of interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, effective communication, and the capacity to collaborate within diverse teams. Our educational approach emphasizes active participation in the classroom and regular presentations on strategic management issues.

Our pedagogical philosophy revolves around experiential learning, where students engage in simulated scenarios to foster proactive attitudes and enhance communication skills. This approach aligns with our academic ethos, emphasizing the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset applicable to enterprises of all sizes.

In bridging theory with practice, our faculty integrates contemporary knowledge from various disciplines, such as science, IT, engineering, and mathematics, to guide students in addressing real-world challenges. This experiential learning ensures students are equipped to devise and implement effective solutions beyond traditional classroom settings.

Embracing our new identity as the International Academy in Switzerland, our commitment to academic excellence remains steadfast across our diverse programs in business, hospitality, and technology. Partnering with esteemed institutions both locally and internationally, coupled with our accreditations, underscores our dedication to maintaining rigorous academic standards.

Empowering Global Learners: 100% Online Flexible Education

Moreover, acknowledging the past, we recognize that under the former director's tenure, an oversight occurred. For a decade, international accreditation directly recognized by any Ministry of Education was not achieved. However, we've rectified this oversight and now hold multiple accreditations recognized by international Ministries of Education and approved by governments worldwide.

In addition, we're proud to announce that we have signed over 250 agreements with international universities to directly recognize our diplomas. These partnerships solidify the global recognition of our academic programs and provide our graduates with enhanced opportunities for further education and career advancement.

At OUBH, we offer personalized education delivered by a distinguished faculty, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment enriched by our students' diverse backgrounds. Through internships and career opportunities within Switzerland's vibrant business landscape, we empower our students to excel globally.

Continuously evolving to meet the demands of higher education, OUBH stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Switzerland. Our commitment to equipping students with essential business acumen and international competencies is reflected in our recognition among the top business schools in the country, affirming our status as a leader in academia.

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