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How long have you been offering online education?

Our online education initiative began with the first group in October 2013.

What means International Academy? 

An International Academy emphasizes adherence to global standards and accrediations rather than solely focusing on local standards and this is a famous process in Switzerland for independent Institutes of Higher Education. While we have the allowance to operate and issue diplomas by the Board of Education in our State (canton) in Switzerland, our commitment to excellence led us to pursue various quality labels since 2013. These include BSKG under the Ministry of Education KG, ASIC (approved accreditation by the British Government), EDU Accreditation (under the Ministry of Education PW and UNESCO), and more... Additionally, we hold EFMD-EOCCS certification for our mini diploma, ECBE accreditation for all our business programs up to the doctorate level, and ECLBS which is a recognized quality label by 10 national accreditations worldwide and esteemed as one of the most reputable accreditations within Europe. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

What is the ranking of your Academy?

While we appreciate your interest in our ranking, it's important to note that as a specialized business management academy, our focus lies primarily within that realm rather than being categorized as a university. We are proud to share that we have been ranked 49 among the top business schools in the world by QRNW, a highly reputable ranking association known for its rigorous evaluation process.

Our dedication to excellence in business education has been acknowledged by QRNW, reflecting the quality of our programs and the achievements of our students and faculty. While we may not be listed among the top universities due to our specialized focus, our standing among the top business schools underscores our commitment to providing exceptional education in this field.

We believe that our ranking by QRNW highlights our strengths and achievements within the business management sphere, and we remain focused on continuously improving and excelling in this domain. read more

Who allowed you to issue diplomas and who accredited them?

As an international Academy, we are allowed to operate and issue diplomas by the Board of Education in our State in Switzerland. However, our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of excellence has led us to pursue accreditation/approval from various reputable organizations since 2013. These include 

BSKG (under the Ministry of Education KG),

ASIC (recognized accreditation by the British Government),

EDU Accreditation (under the Ministry of Education PW and UNESCO),

and more...

In addition to these governmental accreditations, we have also obtained prestigious certifications and accreditations from international bodies. Our mini diploma holds EFMD-EOCCS European Foundation for Management Development certification, while all our business programs up to the doctorate level are accredited by the ECBE European Council for Business Education. Furthermore, we are proud to be accredited by ECLBS (European Council of Leading Business Schools and Institutes), a highly esteemed quality label recognized by 10 national accreditations worldwide and esteemed as one of the most reputable accreditations within Europe.

Additionally, our institution holds double ISO certifications and has received accreditation from numerous private accrediting bodies. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

Why are you not accredited by Triple Accreditation?

While we greatly value accreditation and recognition for our institution's quality and standards, we are proud to hold four governmental-approved accreditations, some of which are under the ministries of education in their respective countries. These accreditations provide international acceptance and signify our commitment to meeting rigorous standards. It's important to note that the so-called "triple accreditation" by AACSB, EFMD, and AMBA is not universally recognized. Although we were certified by EFMD-EOCCS and the academy was an approved member of AACSB, these prestigious bodies have not been accepted by any government. Therefore, we believe that our current governmental accreditations sufficiently validate the quality of our programs and see no need to pursue additional accreditations that lack widespread recognition. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

I am from the USA, is your accrediation listed on CHEA

Q: As a prospective student from the USA, I'm interested to know if your accreditations are listed on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

A: While our institution does not strictly adhere to the American education system, our accreditations hold recognition from various esteemed bodies. For instance, our BSKG accreditation is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education in the EAEU region, while the EDU accreditation was established by the Ministry of Education in PW. Additionally, our ASIC accreditation, approved by the UK Government, is listed on the CHEA website. Furthermore, our accreditation by ECLBS, a member of CHEA, holds significance as ECLBS is a member of CHEA and has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with both CHEA and the USA Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), which is a CHEA-recognized body. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

What is the Value of the Diploma?

We have the legal allowance to operate and issue diplomas as per the official letter received from the Board of Education and Culture in our State (Canton) in Switzerland Nr. "12AUG16kom". Furthermore, we hold accreditation from four government-approved Quality Assurance bodies. For comprehensive details, kindly refer to our accreditation page.

With OUBH, you have the unique advantage of obtaining a TRIPLE AWARD, entailing a diploma recognized by three different countries. This distinctive feature positions our program as one of the most esteemed options in the realm of online study programs.

Here's a breakdown of the esteemed institutions contributing to our Triple Award:

  1. Western Europe: OUBH International Academy of Business and Technology in Switzerland - Serving as a Premier Distance Academy Since 2013.

  2. Central Europe: University of Dąbrowa Górnicza - A Recognized University in the European Union.

  3. Eastern Europe: Taras Shevchenko National University - A Prestigious Public University with a Legacy of 200 years, Ranked Among the Top 500.

This collaboration ensures that your diploma carries weight and recognition across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, enhancing the value of your educational attainment.

read more

After completing my study program, where can I further my education?

We have established Bilateral Recognition Agreements with over 250 universities across more than 50 countries worldwide, facilitating student exchange and the direct recognition of our diplomas. This extensive network ensures a seamless transition to these partner universities upon completion of your program. Here are some of our key collaborators:

Partners in Europe: Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, Kosovo, Macedonia, Belarus, Georgia, UK, Armenia...

Partners in the Americas: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago...

Partners in Asia: Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea...

Partners in Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Zambia...

read more

Triple award vs. Triple accreditation?

At OUBH, we proudly offer a unique TRIPLE AWARD program, distinguishing us from conventional educational institutions. This entails receiving a single diploma from three esteemed European Universities, each holding prominent positions in the academic landscape. What sets our program apart is the diversity of these institutions: one is privately operated, another holds state recognition, and the third is a prestigious public university. By virtue of this arrangement, our students reap the benefits of all three universities, leveraging their respective accreditations and rankings to enrich their academic journey.

While the concept of triple accreditation is often touted in the marketing realm, predominantly by business schools affiliated with three private, unrecognized accreditation bodies, we have opted for a different approach at OUBH. Instead of pursuing accreditation from multiple private entities, we have prioritized the creation of a Joint Diploma in collaboration with three reputable universities, elevating the value and recognition of our graduates' credentials.

Furthermore, OUBH boasts accreditation from esteemed bodies such as ASIC (Institutional Accreditation), EDU, and ECLBS, along with adherence to ISO standards for our management system. These accreditations serve as testaments to our commitment to maintaining high educational standards and fostering a conducive learning environment for our students. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

Is OUBH registered in Switzerland?

OUBH Switzerland® and International Academy in Switzerland® are registered trademarks by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. We are proud to affirm our official registration in Switzerland, documented by our commercial registration number CH- This certification underscores our commitment to operating in accordance with Swiss regulations and standards.

Furthermore, OUBH holds the esteemed status of being a Premier Accredited educational institution by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities (ASIC UK). This recognition holds significant weight, as ASIC accreditation is acknowledged by the British Government, specifically the Home Office/UKVI. Additionally, our affiliation with the UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) Quality Standards Group further solidifies the credibility of our accreditation.

Moreover, OUBH is proud to be recognized as an affiliated accreditation body by ENQA, the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. This affiliation signifies our dedication to upholding rigorous quality assurance standards in line with European benchmarks.

In addition, we are honored to be a member of CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation in the USA. This membership underscores our commitment to meeting the high standards set forth by a respected authority in higher education accreditation.

To further demonstrate our dedication to excellence, OUBH has achieved certification by the EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS), administered by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). This certification validates the quality and effectiveness of our online courses, providing assurance to our students of the caliber of education they receive.

These prestigious accreditations and affiliations stand as testaments to OUBH's unwavering commitment to academic excellence and quality assurance, ensuring that our students receive a world-class education that is recognized and respected globally. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

Do you mention on the Diploma “Online program” or “Distance Learning”?

No, we don’t mention or make any reference on diplomas or certificates of “distance“ and/or “online“ study programs.

What is the ranking of OUBH

In Switzerland, there isn't an official Academic Ranking system in place. However, despite this absence, OUBH has garnered significant recognition:

We were honored with the prestigious "Star of the Year" in Education in Switzerland, based on the votes of approximately 0.5 million individuals.

Furthermore, OUBH proudly holds the "Student Satisfaction Award," a commendation bestowed upon us by the esteemed Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Additionally, in 2014, the Universities Handbook of Switzerland, the nation's largest educational portal, esteemed us as one of the foremost distance-learning institutions in the country. For further details, please refer to our Ranking page.

How much time does it take me to finish the study program?

The completion time for our study programs is ultimately up to you. Our programs are structured to enable you to graduate within the minimum ECTS requirements. Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to progress at your preferred pace.

Here's a general breakdown of the ECTS requirements for each level of study:

  • Bachelor's Degree: Typically completed in 3 to 4 years, with ECTS ranging from 180 to 240.

  • Master's Degree: Usually completed in 1 to 3 years, with ECTS ranging from 60 to 120.

  • Doctorate: Completed over a period of 2 to 8 years, aligning with EQF level 8 standards.

What is OUBH study methodology?

All of our courses are exclusively conducted online for your convenience. Approximately 24 hours before the commencement of your courses, you will receive an email containing comprehensive details, including the password required to access our online platform.

During each lecture session, our qualified lecturers engage with students for a duration of 3-5 academic hours, ensuring an enriching learning experience. Following the conclusion of each lecture, a recorded copy is promptly uploaded to our portal, typically within 7 working days. This enables you to access the lectures at your convenience. In the event that you are unable to attend a live session, you have the option to download and view the lecture at a later time. However, we strongly encourage attendance at all lectures for optimal learning outcomes.

At OUBH, we adhere to the standards set forth by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK (QAA) across all levels of study. For instance, our learning outcomes align with the "Summarised Areas of Knowledge and Understanding for Master’s Level in Business and Management," ensuring the delivery of high-quality education.

Are there any Exams

Certainly, upon completion of your academic program, you will be required to undergo examinations, which may consist of written and/or verbal assessments. While it is highly recommended to conduct the final exam at the OUBH Campus in Switzerland for an immersive experience, arrangements can be made for online examinations through the OUBH online platform.

In addition, MBA students are expected to complete 7 assignments prior to the final exam, contributing to their comprehensive assessment.

For DBA students, the assessment primarily comprises verbal exams conducted at the culmination of the academic program.

It's important to note that during online exams, all students are required to have a camera, microphone, and passport readily available. This ensures that proctoring measures can be effectively implemented to verify your identity and monitor the examination process.

what is the difference between DBA/MBA/BBA and Ph.D./MSc/BSc?

our Ph.D./MSc/BSc degrees are structured as research-focused awards, primarily academic in nature. As such, they entail a longer duration for completion due to the comprehensive research and scholarly endeavors involved.

On the other hand, our DBA/MBA/BBA Diplomas offer a more flexible approach, allowing students the opportunity to pursue full-time employment while advancing their education. Tailored to cater to professionals aiming to augment their job-specific skills, these diplomas are designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of working individuals.

What is the different between an online education and on-campus education?

The content for all study programs is the same. All our lecturers have at least a Master's related to the fields they are teaching.

Do I need any English Certificate?

Yes, indeed. Students originating from non-English speaking countries, or those who haven't attended an English-speaking school in their previous education, may be required to demonstrate proficiency in English. If you don't possess an English Certificate, our Admissions Officer will extend an invitation for you to take our internal English proficiency test.

What are the titles I am allowed to use after graduation?

There is no law about the titles but most of our students use the following and we don’t take any responsibility regarding the titles:

For Bachelor: BBA (Hons.) OUBH academy / EBBA OUBH academy

For Master: M.Phil OUBH academy / EMBA OUBH academy / MBA OUBH academy

For Doctorate: Dr. / DBA OUBH academy / D.Phil OUBH academy and some of the students use Dr.can. (from Candidate) during their study at OUBH .

When and where can I get my Diploma?

Certainly. We hold two graduation ceremonies annually in Switzerland, one in July and the other in December. Diplomas are exclusively prepared and awarded during these celebratory events. For instance, if you complete your study program in March, you'll need to wait until the July ceremony for your diploma. Likewise, if you finish your program in September, you'll receive your diploma at the December ceremony. For further updates and information, please visit our social media channels.

How long do I have to wait for the Public Legalisations?

OUBH awards are typically conferred twice a year, typically at the end of June and the end of December. It may take up to 30 working days to process all graduation documents, including diplomas and transcripts, for the mentioned months. Additionally, for legalizations within Switzerland, the process may take approximately 120-140 working days.

Is OUBH Accredited in the USA?

OUBH is a European Academy accredited by European bodies, however, our accreditation is also listed on the USA Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA IQG) website.

ASIC (Institutional Accreditation)

Furthermore, our accreditation by ECLBS, a member of CHEA, holds significance as ECLBS is a member of CHEA and has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with both CHEA and the USA Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), which is a CHEA-recognized body. For further details, please refer to our accreditation page.

The Joint Diploma has the logo of 2 European State/Public Universities (WSB/KNU), and both universities are recognized all over the world.

Why are you not accredited by one of the Triple accreditation - AACSB - EFMD(EQUIS) - AMBA?

OUBH proudly presents its Triple EUROPEAN AWARD, a distinctive achievement that surpasses traditional triple accreditations. This prestigious accolade consolidates the academic excellence of three renowned European institutions:

  1. University of Dąbrowa Górnicza: A distinguished State University based in Poland, an EU member country.

  2. Taras Shevchenko National University: A venerable Public University established over two centuries ago, consistently ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide.

  3. OUBH International Academy of Business and Technology in Switzerland.

This Triple European Diploma unites the emblems of these esteemed institutions on a single certificate, signifying a profound level of academic distinction unmatched by standard accreditations.

Although OUBH has been certified by EFMD - EOCCS and is a member of AACSB, these reputable accreditations, while recognized within their respective spheres, are not listed by ENQA Europe or CHEA USA, nor are they endorsed by their respective governments or ministries of education. Consequently, we have elected not to pursue these accreditations. Instead, OUBH holds the esteemed title of "Premier Accredited Academy" by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities (ASIC), a UK government-approved accreditation body. (Reference: link). Additionally, OUBH is listed on the USA Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) CIQG (Reference: link) and is a Full Member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) Spain (Reference: link), which is featured on the 'List of Recognized Higher Education Accreditation Organizations.'"

This revised version provides clearer and more structured information while maintaining the integrity of the original content.

I want to have state recognized diploma, can you offer me?

Yes, we work with around 10 states recognized universities/schools all over the world for joint/dual award programs

University of Dąbrowa Górnicza - Poland
Taras Shevchenko National University - Ukraine
Taurida National V. I. Vernadsky University - Ukraine
Qualifi Institute UK 
Universidad Azteca - Mexico
Central University of Nicaragua

Ph.D. Duration in Swiss State Universities only 2 years, why at OUBH takes up to 8 years?

According to State Universities' official website in Switzerland "In economics, for example at the University of ...., the duration is only 2 years." however we follow the International Standard, there is a risk to have a Ph.D. in less than 3 years because most countries request 3 years Ph.D. in order to be considered as a Doctorate Degree, State universities can even give an honorary doctorate without even studying, however, this is for us as unfair we do not offer such kind of awards, our PhD is a 3 years program

I want to have a diploma from one of the best 500 Universities worldwide, is it possible with OUBH 

We have signed an agreement for joint programs with Taras KNU University which is one of the best 500 worldwide (TopUniversities/QS Ranking which is one of most popular worldwide).

What is 8.2% AQT tax

It's a tax which every student must pay in order to keep improving our school, please don’t mix it with VAT/MWST.

I am living in EU country and want a diploma from EU university, is it possible?

Yes, we work with around 10 states recognized universities/schools including EU countries' joint/dual award programs, click here to see more

To study with OUBH do I have to accept the policy?

Yes, by Applying to Study at OUBH, the student agrees to accept our Policy which is legally reviewed by MME Legal Switzerland

Did any TV or newspaper speak about OUBH

Yes, a huge number of journalists spoke and wrote about OUBH including CNBC, SkyNews, WSJ, MBC, City7TV, ATV, and top TVs

Best 500 Universities vs. Best 500 Business Schools?

During your study at OUBH, you will get a diploma jointly with KNU Taras University which is ranked in the top 500 however there is another ranking for business schools, business schools are usually small schools most of them are unknown worldwide, therefore the Best Ranked 500 Universities are worldwide better than Best 500 Business Schools. When you apply for a job or further study, the top 500 are easier to be known.

Triple European Diploma?

Yes, OUBH is the first and only distance provider to be able to offer ONE DIPLOMA with THREE EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES/Schools

University of Dąbrowa Górnicza (State University from Poland which is an EU Country)
Taras Shevchenko National University (Public University Est. 200 years ago, Ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide)
And OUBH International Academy of Business and Technology in Switzerland

Fake Academy?

We understand the importance of ensuring credibility and quality in education, which is why we have diligently pursued accreditation from recognized bodies since 2013. Our academy operates with the allownace of the Board of Education in our State (canton) in Switzerland, which underscores our legitimacy.

Moreover, our dedication to excellence has led us to seek accreditation from esteemed organizations such as BSKG, ASIC, EDU Accreditation..., among others. These accreditations are not only recognized locally but also internationally, reflecting our commitment to adhering to global standards.

Furthermore, our programs have been endorsed by prestigious institutions such as EFMD-EOCCS and ECBE, which certify the quality of our offerings up to the doctoral level. Additionally, our accreditation by ECLBS, recognized by 10 national accreditations worldwide, further validates the rigor and credibility of our education.

We invite you to explore our accreditation page for further details on our affiliations and endorsements. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing high-quality education that meets and exceeds global standards.

What is the different between ONLINE and VIRTUAL Studies?

Online means when a student login he/she will find all study programs recorded.
Virtual means all classes are LIVE.
OUBH study fee is only for the ONLINE programs, students wishing to have virtual education must pay a different fee. The Study fee per year for the virtual study program is 31900 Euro.

I lost my password to access the OUBH eCampus , how can I reset my password?

It's very simple, please contact us

I need to have a payment confirmation, is that possible?

Definitely yes! please contact us

I have paid the fee in installments, can I have a Financial Statment in order to know how much is the remaining amount that I have to pay?

Definitely yes! please contact us

How long should my thesis for the Ph.D.?

Usually, it should be 60.000 – 100.000 words (from chapter 1 to chapter 5). Students are allowed to have 10% less or more, however, the supervisor can allow a student to write more.

Is there a "Thesis Defence"?

yes, for master's and doctorate students, and we recommend students do it in Switzerland. However it can be done ONLINE too, you need a camera and microphone.

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