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Welcome to the School of Law and Education in Switzerland (SLES), a distinguished part of the OUBH International Academy of Business & Technology in Switzerland. Our mission is to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of Swiss business law and the principles of educational management practiced by school directors in Switzerland.

By enrolling in our programs, graduates enhance their ability to effectively communicate with colleagues and staff, think independently, and collaborate within a team to excel in professional environments.

Programs Offered:

Elevate Your Skills with OUBH

OUBH facilitates connections with learners and leaders worldwide through our cutting-edge online programs. Your potential is limitless with us.

For Professionals, Researchers, and Academics:

Law & Education diplomas are highly sought after globally. In our programs, you'll:

  • Develop and implement innovative research methods

  • Engage in top-tier online education

  • Acquire skills to publish in international peer-reviewed journals

  • Excel as a professional, researcher, and educator

Did You Know?

  • Law & Education graduates command some of the highest average salaries, with an average of $57,229

  • Salaries for Law & Education professionals have seen a 2.9% increase

Law & Education programs offer a plethora of transferable skills, including:

  • Understanding organizational operations

  • Developing effective communication skills (oral and written)

  • Cultivating analytical and critical thinking abilities

  • Becoming adept problem solvers and decision-makers

  • Fostering logical thinking capabilities

  • Perfecting presentation, research, and writing skills

  • Mastering the interpretation, utilization, and generation of financial data

  • Cultivating self-motivation and initiative

  • Developing effective time management skills and project/resource management proficiency

Embark on your journey to professional excellence with the School of Law and Education at OUBH International Academy of Business & Technology in Switzerland.

Possible study programs:

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