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We have 3 kinds of Master programs

M.Phil (1 year) 100% thesis-based

Executive Master (6 months + 6 months) 

Academic Master (1.5 years) 

1 year program

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is esteemed worldwide as a pinnacle of academic excellence—a research-focused master's degree that eschews traditional coursework and exams in favor of a comprehensive thesis defense. Our program is exclusively online, offering full-fledged supervisor support and a virtual platform for thesis defense, with the option for an in-person defense in Switzerland for those inclined (travel and visa responsibilities borne by the student).

The M.Phil. is an advanced postgraduate pursuit spanning one to three intensive academic years, heralded for its prestige and significance in academic circles. It serves as a stepping stone for individuals aspiring to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), equipping students with the requisite research acumen and specialized knowledge crucial for future dissertation endeavors. Participants delve into the intricacies of research methodology, honing the skills necessary for scholarly inquiry and academic discourse.

By the time students are awarded the M.Phil., they are well poised to embark on the journey of doctoral research, having laid the groundwork for their dissertation defense. While some may view the M.Phil. as a mere formality en route to a Ph.D., its significance lies in providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the rigors and commitments intrinsic to doctoral-level research.

While career opportunities specific to M.Phil. holders may be limited in academia, the program instills invaluable skills applicable across various professional domains. Participants cultivate critical thinking, research prowess, and problem-solving abilities—fundamental attributes sought after in today's dynamic job market. Unlike specialized degrees, the M.Phil. does not pigeonhole graduates into specific career trajectories; rather, it primes them for success and adaptability in diverse societal roles.

Thesis Length and Duration:
Theses typically range from 30,000 to 50,000 words, with a permissible 10% variance.
Duration varies based on individual commitment and effort, spanning from 10 months to 3 years, with an average completion timeline of 12-15 months.

Study Structure and Recognition:
The program is entirely thesis-based, devoid of traditional coursework.
The mode of study (online or distance) is not indicated on the master's certificate.
Transition to Doctoral Studies:
Graduates are eligible to pursue doctoral studies at OUBH, laying the groundwork for continued academic advancement and research excellence.

Embark on your learning journey with our fully flexible online program, offering you the freedom to study from anywhere in the world, entirely at your own pace. Upon enrollment, you'll receive exclusive access to our library of pre-recorded lectures, conveniently accessible via a personalized login. These asynchronous sessions empower you to tailor your learning schedule to fit seamlessly into your busy life. Complementing the video content, downloadable PDF files ensure that your education can continue offline, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between your studies and other commitments, be it work, family, or personal pursuits. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our program, where quality education meets unparalleled flexibility.

can be done in 10 months


European Qualifications Framework: EQF Level 7 Equivalence
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: 60 ECTS

The Executive Master represents a pinnacle of achievement in any academic pursuit, signaling a significant leap in expertise and competence.

Tailored for professionals with at least five years of managerial experience post high school, our Executive Master program at OUBH is meticulously crafted to refine managerial acumen and cultivate global business proficiency. Emphasizing the fusion of theoretical knowledge with real-world insights, this course empowers managers to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape with finesse. Our international curriculum accentuates industry-specific nuances while fostering an environment conducive to critical analysis and innovative business strategies.

Designed to equip graduates with the requisite skills to tackle contemporary challenges and excel as adept managers, our Executive Master programs hone their ability to decipher complexities, foster effective communication, promote independent thinking, and thrive within collaborative work environments.

Business Administration stands tall as one of the most sought-after fields globally, with graduates commanding impressive salaries—an average of $45,200 as per the NACE Salary Survey. Furthermore, Swiss Management Education enjoys a prestigious rank globally, lauded by the World Economic Forum.

Embark on a transformative journey toward managerial excellence and career advancement by enrolling in our Executive Master program today. Designed for expedited completion within a single academic year, our comprehensive curriculum prepares you for the rigors of managerial roles and positions you for success in diverse business domains.

Throughout your Master's studies, you will:

Cultivate innovative research methodologies
Attain the highest echelons of academic excellence
Contribute to scholarly discourse through peer-reviewed publications
Foster success as a proficient researcher and professional
Duration: One academic year / Semester (Comprising study and examinations in the first section, followed by thesis composition in the second section. Thesis work commences after five months from program commencement.)

Experience the freedom of learning on your own terms with our comprehensive online learning program. Whether you're across the globe or just around the corner, our platform offers up to 100% online accessibility. Once enrolled, you'll receive a personalized login, granting you access to our library of asynchronous lectures. Delivered in pre-recorded format, these sessions allow you to tailor your learning schedule to your unique lifestyle. But that's not all – accompanying the video lectures are downloadable PDF files, ensuring that you can continue your studies even when offline. With this flexibility, you can seamlessly integrate your educational pursuits with your professional, familial, and personal commitments. Rest assured, our program is designed to deliver a high-quality education experience without compromise.


European Qualifications Framework: EQF Level 7 Equivalence
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: 90 ECTS

Our Business study programs are meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills and acumen necessary to navigate today's dynamic business landscape with finesse. Designed to nurture effective leadership and problem-solving abilities, our graduates emerge adept at fostering cohesive teams, communicating with precision, and exercising independent thought to thrive in diverse work environments.

Business Management stands out as one of the most coveted fields globally, offering lucrative career prospects. According to the NACE Salary Survey, graduates from business schools command an average salary of $45,200. Additionally, Swiss management education enjoys global recognition, having been ranked first worldwide by the World Economic Forum.

If you aspire to excel in Business Management and carve out a successful career path as a manager or leader, seize the opportunity to study with us. Our comprehensive study programs are tailored for expedited completion within a single academic year, empowering you to achieve your academic and professional goals efficiently.

can be up to 100% online, our online learning program offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. As an enrolled student, you will receive a login link to access our asynchronous lectures. All lectures are pre-recorded, so you can watch them at a time that suits you best. In addition to video lectures, we also provide downloadable PDF files that you can study offline. This means you can balance your studies with other commitments, whether that be work, family or other personal pursuits. We believe that our program offers a convenient and effective way to learn, without compromising on the quality of education.

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